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UNISON serves over 15,000 people in Milwaukee County annually from 40 community locations, over 50 public schools and thousands of homes. We support neighbors and neighborhoods through outreach programs. 

Looking for Services?

Are you an older adult who needs a ride to your doctor appointment? Or young mother with limited resources? UNISON can help. We provide supportive services for older adults, children and families helping them stay healthy and connected in their neighborhoods.

become a volunteer

From helping older adults stay in their homes by providing rides to the doctor, doing yard work, and social visiting to special events and tutoring children — We have a volunteer opportunity that is right for you! 

who WE serve

Older Adults

UNISON helps older adults age in place and reduces social isolation by providing critical services that support independence.


UNISON empowers families to become self-sufficient and support each other in living healthy lives.


UNISON provides support to children helping them learn to be resilient and be successful in school.

Rides for older adults
Wellness calls made
Friendly visits made
Students tutored by seniors

Where We Serve


Many of UNISON's programs use home visiting. This strategy is proven to promote health, safety and personal growth and strong relationships.

Schools and Workplaces

UNISON provides support for children to be successful at school and for adults to maintain meaningful employment.


UNISON creates opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another, build trust and support each other in their neighborhood.

Help older adults, children and families in Milwaukee today!

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